Please don't judge me based on my family.
  1. I love my dad.
    He's so smart and I really look up to him.
  2. But his sense of humor can only be described as "provocative".
    Shock value is his brand.
  3. So at lunch the other day he proudly unzipped his sweater to reveal the t-shirt was wearing underneath.
    This is the shirt. Not the end of the story. Hold on.
  4. It was a little out of nowhere. He'd never talked about Bernie Sanders before.
    I'm fine with Sanders. I'm not going to wear his shirt just yet though.
  5. Then he said with a huge grin that he also bought a Trump shirt.
    I don't know if it's this one. But since he bought it on Amazon and this is one of the first Trump shirts that pop up, I can only assume it's this one.
  6. My mom and I were like...
  7. I usually don't talk politics, but I told him that he can't wear that in public.
    He's not even a republican.
  8. I asked him why he got it. What message is he trying to convey by wearing a Trump shirt?
    His answer? He needed new shirts!
  9. He got uncharacteristically defensive at that point.
    He zipped up his sweater and almost left the table.
  10. We have not spoken of it since.
  11. One thing that comforts me? He can't vote!
    He's not a US citizen!
  12. I can't wait until this election is over.