1. It was two weeks before I gave birth.
    And I was planning a home birth, so these punks violated my sacred space.
  2. I had stepped out to go to the midwife.
    Were they watching me as I waddled out to the car?
  3. I was away for four hours.
    But I nearly came home for lunch. What if I had surprised them in my home? 😧
  4. I was alone when I came home with my toddler.
    The first thing I noticed was that the freezer was wide open (who does that?) and the back door too. I figured my cats did it somehow. Then I went to the bedroom and saw my jewelry drawer dumped out onto the bed.
  5. I put my son in front of the TV and called the police.
    They asked me if I thought the intruder was still in my house. This terrified me. 😰 But I was pretty sure they were long gone.
  6. I have a dog!!!!!
    A big one! And clearly a super lame one. She's a rescue greyhound and likely just lay in her bed the whole time they were there. There was a broomstick near her bed though. Had they tried to hurt her or prepared to defend themselves against her?
  7. The police came quickly.
    We live in a small village with dedicated cops.
  8. They fingerprinted everything.
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    And since I was preparing for a baby, they left dirty fingerprinting powder all over the chest of drawers I had so neatly folder the baby's clothes into. Did the burglars notice all of my baby stuff? Does it haunt them? You stole from a baby, mother effers!!!
  9. The burglars took mostly electronics.
    That meant mostly Apple products. iPads, old iPhones, laptops, desktops. On my computers were all of my photos. I had meant to back them up only two nights before but the backup failed for some reason. Now all of my pictures are gone. What hurts most is that all the baby pictures of my first born are gone. I'm glad I made some photo books and shared so many pics on social media.
  10. The burglars were most likely kids.
    Or so the cops thought. They snuck in through a tiny window that was ajar. It was the summer so the cops said with school out, they always see a spike in crime.
  11. They missed the best stuff.
    I immediately checked my jewelry and all of my heirlooms were miraculously there because I had never unpacked them from a trip. I cried in relief. I put on my grandmother's engagement ring and have never taken it off since.
  12. I tracked the burglars using Find My Phone.
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    I sent a picture of the map to the cops. I didn't get a response.
  13. I had to make peace.
    For the sake of my unborn baby and my sanity, I had to get over this quickly. I had to not be afraid and I had to be comfortable in my own home.
  14. I did a sage cleanse.
    I felt mildly silly doing it and my husband thought I was bonkers. But it helped tremendously.
  15. We got insurance money.
    We almost didn't claim because we were afraid our rates would go up. But it was worth it.
  16. It changed me.
    I don't trust passers-by anymore. I tell everyone in the street to keep away from my dog because she can be mean (instead of telling them she's harmless like I used to do). I keep my windows closed. I get up for noises in the night.