My Ladyprofessor Instagram Glitch

I started noticing that @ladyprofessor was taking over my Instagram feed in a bizarre glitch. Or perhaps she is trying to take over the world?
  1. First she takes over an ISS Thanksgiving meal.
    That is not Carrie.
  2. Then my friend's kissing selfie.
    Also not Carrie.
  3. Jeez, go ahead and claim @kate81's post too (btw I think I used to know how to solve that?)
    I thought fellow Listers would be safe.
  4. And now a blogger's Turkey Day selfie with her son? @ladyprofessor you can't have everything.
    Not Carrie.
  5. Apparently she is on vacation with Julian Lennon now?
  6. And now she's in a meme?
    Wait, Carrie, is that you kayaking? Because kudos if so.
  7. This one is a little mean, Carrie.
    Leave Jessica alone.
  8. I'll update this list if I see any more. It's outta control.