For @oholivia, a rhyming poem with links to her lists. 💌 thanks @ChrisK as always for giving the List App another reason to be our happy place.
  1. O
    is for Oxford, where you're studying this year. It's a very fancy school but we see you have no fear. BRITS THREW US A THANKSGIVING 🇬🇧
  2. H
    is for humor, which you declared is your jam. Here's a link to my fave new comic (sent to me by my fam): (DEAR LIST APP SECRET NONDENOMINATIONAL WINTER ICE SPIRIT)
  3. O
    is for The Office, which you referred to at New Year. I hope your resolutions have brought you nothing but good cheer. THE OFFICE NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS
  4. L
    is for Love, which I hope you will find. Obviously those who shun you are totally blind. TEXTS I RECEIVED TODAY WHICH SHOW ME HOW WELL MY FRIENDS KNOW ME
  5. I
    is for ice cream, that's what you get at Dominos. Pizza is for simpletons, not for Olivia Rose. WHAT I ORDERED FROM DOMINOS TONIGHT
  6. V
    is for Valentine, which I hope you'll get a few. Obvi this list is your favorite one, because I had to creep on you.
  7. I
    is for Instagram, which you use to spy on your prof. Probably wise not to mention it, just in case he might scoff. THINGS I WANTED TO WRITE IN AN EMAIL TO A PROFESSOR RECENTLY, BUT DIDN'T
  8. A
    is for Against Malaria, your favorite foundation. I just thought I'd mention it here (and make a donation). MY FAVORITE CHARITY and
  9. And that's it for this Valentine, I really hope you liked it. 🌹
    It was nice to read your lists and get to know you a bit.