Inspired by @Fitz. It's been a great year, guys! See you in 2016!
  2. ❤️ xoxox
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  3. You are so sweet and I love your lists!! ❤️
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  4. Thanks for welcoming me to Florida! Let's hang out with manatees sometime! Have a great 2016!! 🎉
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  5. I just started following you this morning. You hang out with Manatees!!! I like your lists, especially the one about your ex friend. Look forward to reading more of your lists.
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  6. My favorite list THEN my favorite memory...
    The 'Dory' list of course! A MARINE BIOLOGIST'S PROBLEM WITH THE MOVIE FINDING DORYThis is when I found out had a Facebook page. 😉 But best memory? @cvlop61 and I had begun talking during the Secret Santa 2016. Where did your gift go? 😂😂 You know the rest. 💞
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