My post Hurricane Irma photo album

  1. t minus 3 days: Shopping for supplies two days before the storm arrived in South Florida. Many shelves were empty.
    People were yelling in the parking lot that Miami was out of water. (I preferred to fill up coolers with tap water anyway and was annoyed at how reliant people are on bottled water, but I digress...)
  2. t minus 2 days- Nabbing a last minute emergency dental appointment because my son had a tooth ache and I didn't want him to be in pain during a hurricane.
    Everyone had gallows humor about the end of the world coming. We were prescribed antibiotics to hold him off until we can get the tooth fixed at the end of the month. It took me two days to get the prescription filled because everyone was getting last minute prescriptions ahead of the storm.
  3. t minus 2 days- shutters up.
  4. t minus 1 day: Drove around trying to find an open playground for the kids. No luck but saw interesting shutters.
  5. t minus 1 day: I felt like I had a rock in my stomach from stress. We had decided not to evacuate. My husband had been through Hurricane Andrew. I have never been through a storm.
    I would go between feeling totally fine and trusting the integrity of our house and feeling like an idiot when I saw that more and more of my friends were changing their minds about staying and evacuating by car or last minute (expensive) flights.
  6. t minus 1 day: I painted my nails.
  7. Uh I have to publish this now because my toddler woke up (BRING BACK DRAFTS, please!) More soon.
    Oh the suspense!
  8. I started to sense that there was a divide between those who stayed (us) and those who evacuated (my friend, for example).
    No one ever openly criticized the other but it was such a hard decision to make that if you found out someone you respected made a different choice you felt betrayed, for lack of a better word. It reminded me of the last election when I found out someone I knew voted for Trump.
  9. t-1 day: we baked banana muffins.
    I knew we would lose power no matter what so I figured we may as well make the most of the power we had.
  10. t-1 day: we walked around the neighborhood.
    I took pictures of trees and empty streets. It was a ghost town.
  11. t-1 day: we shot a zombie movie.
    Because empty streets.
  12. t-1 day: We locked up the pets. And they loved it
    They were so cuddly. They could probably sense the storm and our nervousness.
  13. t-1 day: we spent as much time as possible outside.
  14. t-1 day: we knew that this might be our last night with air conditioning.
    I also took a long, hot shower.
  15. t-0. The day of Hurricane Irma.
    We lost power at 6 am. Breakfast by candle light. For some reason I didn't think we would lose power until the storm started that afternoon. I didn't have any flashlights ready.
  16. t-0 Puzzle making
  17. t-0 my cat thought falling palm fronds were scary.
  18. t-0 playdoh with the grandparents.
    I snuck off and took a nearly 2 hour nap at this point. I was exhausted from all those nights worrying. My husband's mom and her husband moved into our guest room the night before.
  19. t-0 the toddler took an amazing nap.
    Not a care in the world.
  20. t-0 iPad and junkfood
    The boys loved it. At this point it was early afternoon. I had read a few chapters of a book I'd been meaning to get to. We were all having fun and relaxing. My husband said this was the best hurricane ever.
  21. And then things changed.
  22. t-0 ~ 2:30PM our oak tree fell onto our roof.
    Better pics later. We hard a small thud. I thought it was just a lamp post that fell. Then we noticed our giant, 100 year old tree had fallen.
  23. t-0
    You can see the trunk on the right. The tree arced across our roof. My husband mourned the tree. I was scared for our lives and wondered if we made a mistake staying at home. Shortly after the tree fell we got alerts on our phone about a tornado.
  24. t-0 water lines grew across the ceiling.
  25. t-0 the leaks started.
    I was terrified. I thought we were going to lose the roof.
  26. t-0 I cleared out the furniture and art. I hid in my bedroom with the kids and mentally planned an escape route to my neighbor's of the roof collapsed.
  27. t-0 ~6pm the winds died down enough to step outside and assess the damage.
    The kids were blissfully unaware of any danger.
  28. t-0 ~7pm bathtime with glow sticks
  29. t-0 ~ 8pm sweaty bedtime.
  30. t-0 ~ 8:45 the ceiling started to collapse
  31. t+1 the leaks kept going.
    But we got our power back at 1am!
  32. t+1 I ventured outside.
  33. t+1
  34. t+1 my cat ventured outside, too.
  35. t+1 we released some frogs we had been raising since they were eggs.
    It felt symbolic to release life out into the world.
  36. t+1 there were branches everywhere. The neighbors said this was worse than after Hurricane Andrew.
  37. t+1 the neighbor who left lost her pagoda.
    My son tried to fix it.
  38. t+1 a tree barely missed the car I'd parked near the playground (to keep it away from our trees!)
  39. t+1 here's the tree.
    My kids loved the "tree bridge".
  40. t+1 the hole in our ceiling grew.
    I was very, very scared. I saw pieces slowly fall off during the night. My husband told me not to worry.
  41. Before and after.
  42. t+2 we hit the supermarket
    Most of the aisles were half empty (half full?)
  43. t+2 our neighbor dragged a tree service off the street to help us remove the tree.
    They told us they could do it by Saturday. FOUR DAYS AWAY. But then they saw we had kids and said they'd do it right away.
  44. t+2 not all heroes wear capes. I hugged one of the workers.
  45. t+2 we left the house for our safety while they took care of the tree and went to the science museum where my husband works so he could help out.
    Here my son was saying "Are you ok, stingray?"
  46. t+2 by the time we were back, they were almost done.
    A huge weight off the house and off my shoulders.
  47. t+2 we put a tarp up.
    It hasn't rained yes as of the time of writing this list so I don't know if this is enough to stop further leaking before insurance lets us get a roofer.
  48. t+2 I got to practice my knot tying skills.
  49. t+2 most of my neighbors still didn't have electricity so we invited a family to stay with us.
    This is their Rottweiler, Dabu, greeting our greyhound Lyca.
  50. t+3 When that family moved out we invited another family.
    They have twins and hadn't been able to sleep in the heat.
  51. Life is getting back to normal but there's so much devastation around us.
  52. RIP tree
  53. I know we got lucky. We may have a hole in our roof but many people don't have homes to go to at all.
    I'm especially worried about the Florida Keys. I have been filming a documentary there for the last month and I have met some wonderful people there. I have been going to the Keys since I was a little girl and now they're unrecognizable. 😔😔😔