This is embarrassing but definitely a sign of what my life has been like lately. Also I had to rewrite this list three times because it wouldn't save.
  1. I was probably the first one to sign up for secret Santa this year.
    Last year's wonderful experience really marked me.
  2. So as soon as I was assigned my Secret Santee I was PUMPED.
  3. I patiently waited for mine to arrive.
    And waited. And waited. And waited.
  4. I went to New York for a little getaway to the snow. The day we got back there were tons of packages waiting for us.
    I had to be careful not to open any boxes I wasn't sure of because they could be presents from my husband to me.
  5. So Shen I saw this box, I did not open it.
    I knew my husband was buying coffee stuff so I figured it was for him. What is that saying about assuming?
  6. Then I got a message from @DawnCloud TODAY saying that my package arrived 12/19 (actually she said 19/12, which is charming) which was the day I got back from NY. I had a moment of panic thinking someone had stolen my package while I was away!
    But then I remembered that box and texted my husband if he was expecting something from Keurig. He was not.
  7. I RAN TO THE BOX, texting Emma on my way to it that all was well. I'm surprised I remembered to document the unboxing because I was so psyched.
  8. Behold the adorable wrapping.
    I am a terrible gift wrapper and feel sorry for my Secret santees because I just can't do it.
  9. Waste basket liners!
    I wouldn't be mad if this were the gift because I need these.
  10. Oooooh!
    So festive.
  11. I really had to hold back to take all these pictures. I hope you ca appreciate it.
  12. Adorable and so necessary.
    My kids' snotty nosed thank you.
  13. Yasss!
    Cinnamon is one of my favorite artificial flavors and I never get gum anymore because my kids always want it and can't have it yet so... MINE.
  14. Also mine.
    Shhhhh. Don't tell my family. Also half of these are gone now.
  15. Necessary. Like, are you psychic?
    I have one hair elastic that I took from my gym. Thank you.
  16. I haven't read it but I've heard all about it!
    My husband had to read it during a training retreat. It changed his life. I can't wait. Also I'm a huge believer in used books and buy mostly used online so this is perfect!
  17. I found a card!
  18. Awwww it's from Jana!
    @cvlop61 ? @jana ? @tinyjana ? @ollie59 ? Will the real Jana please stand up?
  19. I so needed this because I have zero lip balms right now!
  20. Yesssssss I use these for everything!
  21. You guys, SHE MADE GRANOLA!
    I don't have any allergies and I love the ingredients so I can't wait for breakfast.
  22. And her friend made this candle!
    Out of a champagne bottle!
  23. Scratch and sniff
    It smells divine.
  24. Thank you so much, Jana! I'm so sorry I'm such an airhead that I didn't open it until two weeks after it arrived, but also this extended my Christmas and I opened it on a good day. Also thank you to @DawnCloud for generously giving up her time to herd us cats into this gift exchange.