Updated below!!!The day I posted my last list about getting broken into six months ago (MY HOUSE WAS BROKEN INTO), I caught a young man breaking into my back yard!
  1. UPDATE: turns out this kid was actually running away from an irate neighbor down the street. He had been caught committing arson in his yard (that's a harsh way of saying that the kid was playing with fire, being a kid, you know... Or am I just too soft?)
  2. I heard my side gate rattle.
    I was with the baby in our bedroom and hear the chain jingle outside my window. This happens a lot when cats or raccoons jump over the fence. But this time the chain shook more than once so it sounded odd.
  3. I peeked outside.
    Totally expecting to see a fat cat or something trying to climb over the fence.
  4. I saw a boy.
    Maybe 14 or 15 years old.
  5. I called out for my husband that someone was trying to break in.
    And my husband ran outside.
  6. The boy heard me and cleared the fence and took off on a light blue bicycle.
    Meanwhile my husband runs towards the house and I'm screaming at him that the boy is down the driveway.
  7. My husband goes after him on foot!
    He's pretty fit so I was kind of impressed but also scared. What if this kid was armed?
  8. I call the police.
    I couldn't decide between calling 9-1-1 or the cell phone of the cop on duty in our neighborhood. I called 9-1-1. It turns out this was the wrong choice.
  9. 9-1-1 took a long time to answer.
    I even looked at my phone to see if I had called the right number!
  10. The dispatcher asked me if the kid was black.
    Straight up. It took me aback. And then, reluctantly, I had to say yes.
  11. He asked me what the kid was wearing.
    I remembered light colored clothing maybe? All I could remember was the bicycle. A shiny, light blue bicycle. I was so struck by how out of place it was in this scenario.
  12. I went out to my backyard to see if anything had been stolen.
    And I stepped in dog poop. Barefoot. Ughhhh.
  13. Nothing had been taken. And the kid was never caught.
    But it was a reminder that I need those security cameras I've been wanting NOW.
  14. They sent out a cop.
    And the cop scolded us for not calling him on his cell. Ugh.
  15. I'm sad it was a kid.
    The first break in, I was almost comforted that it might have been a kid because kids are less threatening to me. But now I wonder about this kid. Will he succeed in life? It's only a matter of time before this behavior catches up to him. Who taught him this stuff?