Inspired by @EmilyAnnA
  1. If someone died in a movie, it meant the actor sacrificed his life for the movie.
    Such a noble profession.
  2. I had a dragon imaginary friend.
    It was basically the dragon from Pete's Dragon. I totally plagiarized my best friend. What does that say about me? Anyway, where I lived where was a highway that went through a tunnel that someone had painted a rainbow over. I would tell my mother that my dragon painted that. 🌈
  3. I was adopted.
    There was no evidence of this but I'd read a book about a girl discovering that she was adopted and I was convinced I was too. I have blond hair and blue eyes and the rest of my family have brown/brown. That's all I had to go on, really. My mother got so upset when I told her.
  4. I could talk to animals.
    I might still believe this one.
  5. I was special because I could read upside down text. 🙃
    I didn't dare tell anyone about my superpower.