I'm curious to see how others use this feature.
  1. One of our leaders. I love the variety of subjects he talks about.
  2. Her passion and fearlessness (with the right dose of vulnerability) shine through in every list and I appreciate how she is happy to join the discussions in the comments after she posts. She really is one of the most important voices of her generation. (I almost said "our generation" but realized that I'm older than she is...)
  3. She puts her heart on her sleeve and spends a lot of time crafting her lists, which I appreciate. She also talks about a wide variety of things but very thoughtfully. I'd say her "brand" is wisdom.
  4. Or at least I did until she started blowing up my phone because this girl can PRODUCE on this app. (So now I check in on you the old fashioned way, bb. 😘) But seriously Shanaz is so much like me, sometimes I think I'm being pranked. I love her spunk and her supportive spirit.
  5. His lists never fail to brighten my day and I don't want to miss one.
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  6. I need her lists to function!
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  7. Only for my listapp husband @michael_circa91, whose birthday it was just yesterday! ✨🍰💖
    Suggested by @joakes
  8. @JennaFischer But she hasn't posted a list in ages, which is a bummer because her lists are great. Also @AngelaKinsey in case she ever posts.
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