Inspired by @ladyprofessor and @kate81
  1. We are taking the boys to Disney for the first time!
    They are 1.5 and 4.5. Please spam me with tips.
  2. I am creeping all the Disney lists on @list
  3. But @stephaniehail seems to have taken an extended break from List so I can't ask follow up questions!
  4. I'm so nervous about all the planning that everyone does in advance.
    What happens if you don't plan? Will it really be horrible?
  5. But I'm excited to go.
  6. Also, the reason we are going is because I got nominated for a regional EMMY for my manatee documentary and the ceremony is in Orlando this year!
    Southeast Region because our show, Changing Seas, airs locally before it airs nationally, I think? But an Emmy is an Emmy (even if the awards aren't televised.)
  7. If I win, it will be my third Emmy, but my first under the title of producer so it means a lot.
  8. So thank you, manatees for giving us an excuse to go to Disney.
    Wanna be my date, @dev?