My poor little guy (almost 4) is having his tonsils and adenoids removed, ear tubes put in and nasal turbinates shaved down... Basically he's going to be a mess for a while but this is all in an effort to finally allow him to breathe at night. I'm acting very brave for him but I'm starting to feel nervous as Wednesday approaches.
  1. Any tips for the day of the operation and post op, please?
  2. So far all I've been doing is stockpiling soft snacks, Popsicles and presents.
    Buying things makes me feel like I'm helping.
  3. My 5 yr old granddaughter recently had this same procedure done. Having a pad of paper and crayons/pencils handy was helpful. She drew pictures and was able to write notes to Mommy. He may not want to speak the first few days. Have a lot drinks handy too. Best of luck.
    Suggested by @mas624
  4. I had mine removed as an adult and looked forward to ice cream but that was the worst. Anything sticky like ice cream and mashed potatoes felt like burning fire. Sugary foods burned too. Warm tea.
    Suggested by @troydarling