Sorry if you got a notification about this list.
  1. I was busy with the kids.
    Oh summer. I was an unofficial camp counselor to my boys and kept our days full to make the days pass quickly and painlessly. We also played a lot of Pokemon Go so that app took over the phone for a while.
  2. I was applying for jobs.
    So whenever I had the phone to myself I had to fill out applications. (No job yet... Ugh.)
  3. Too much time started to pass!
    And I started to feel like I had to write a phenomenal come back list! No pressure or anything.
  4. Those darn notifications.
    I turned all notifications off because too many people were "coming back" (after only a week or two's absence, mind you) and I was being notified of their return. Then I realized that anything I wrote would be highlighted by the same kind of notification. How mortifying.
  5. A new list landscape.
    I feel like the tone changed. Some serious things have happened in the past 6 months and more so in the past month that have made List a more serious place. Not bad just very different. Also I was sad when I saw some arguments between people I love on this app. (Mommy and Daddy, stop fighting!)
  6. My mini viral moment.
    When my Finding Dory list got attention from the community but also from the general public, it was a very strange experience. The positive attention was nice but the negative comments really affected me because I got to peek behind the curtain at the darkness that can be the Internet. Let's just say that I'm glad I'm not a celebrity.
  7. But I still checked in.
    I would still read and like and comment on lists from time to time. It took a while for me to start doing it regularly though.
  8. And recently I've had a couple of list friends check in with me to make sure I was ok.
    You know who you are and I was surprised and touched. Perhaps it was because of recent events that we feel we need to make sure that we are all ok. And that's a nice thing because we all have our problems. What a special place. Let's just say no one has reached out like this to me on Facebook before. ❤️
  9. So I'm back.
    It's a soft "back" but I'll try to write regularly enough so you don't get any notifications. ❤️