1. You dress them in the sweetest outfits.
    My favorite is his Little Prince shirt. How can you be mad at a boy with such a sweet shirt? Collared shirts are also a favorite. Preppy is the theme.
  2. You keep their hair cut "young".
    My boy still has a bowl cut. Those faux hawks on little dudes are so awesome but I'm so scared they'll make my boy look too tough.
  3. The word you use most often is "gentle".
    It's practically a tic. If he throws something I say "gentle". If he's playing with his brother, even if they're laughing, I'll say "gentle". If he makes a loud noise, I'll say "gentle".
  4. You have to stop yourself from helicopter parenting.
    I have to remind myself that I don't have to stick close to him at the playground anymore. He's fine.
  5. If you hear another child cry at the playground you quickly check to see if your boy was the culprit.
    He never is anymore.
  6. You get so excited to hear about his friends.
    He has friends! As in, kids like him! Today we went to his BEST FRIEND'S birthday party. I nearly cried seeing them hug hello. I took an embarrassing number of pictures.
  7. You're extra wary of any remotely violent books or TV.
    Will Spider-Man bring out bad behavior in my kid? The answer is no.
  8. You have a closet full of rewards for good behavior.
    I don't use these anymore but I have a nice stock.
  9. You totally don't care if another child hurts your kid at the playground.
    I comfort my kid but I tell the apologetic parents that really it's no big deal. At all. They're learning.
  10. You tell your kid every day what a good boy he is.
    Because he is. And always was.
  11. You remind your kid that you love them even when you're mad.
    It's so easy to use the term "bad boy". I try to separate the behavior from the boy.
  12. I may ask for the faux hawk next time we go to the hairdresser.
    They're just so cute.