1. I know you know this.
  2. But I don't know this.
  3. So I had to write it down.
  4. I am heartbroken.
  5. My husband was playing his music at breakfast and I had to turn it off.
    Just for now. Just give me a minute.
  6. I always thought I would meet him.
  7. He was a big part of my life.
    From my childhood watching (memorizing) Labyrinth to listening to his more obscure tracks on longs drives down winding roads to movie sets... So many rich memories.
  8. I went to his concert once but never got to see him perform.
    There was a tragedy on stage during the set up. A crew member fell from the rafters and died. Bowie canceled the concert out of respect and rightly so.
  9. I always thought I'd get a second chance.
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  10. Rest in peace, Mr. Bowie. 💔
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    I'll be staying off social media for a while because I can't stand all the posts about him.