I'm in the middle of producing a Florida manatee show and some of the stuff I've learned is too good not to share.
  1. Manatees are related to elephants.
  2. Nursing mother manatees can adopt orphaned calves.
  3. The first case of identical twin calves was found recently.
    Double the chubby cuteness! ❤️
  4. Sometimes Florida manatees get lost or disoriented.
    They can end up swimming over deep waters all the way to the Bahamas or Cuba.
  5. Manatees seek out warm water in the winter.
    They congregate in shallower springs in Florida.
  6. Florida Power and Light heat their water especially for manatees.
    Some manatees have grown so accustomed to the warm water output from the power plants that FPL have a system in place to warm the water during cold snaps for their safety.
  7. Manatees can get hit by boats every year or two years.
    It's so common that scientists use their scar patterns to identify them.
  8. There are so few manatees left that they're inbred.
    They're on average all first cousins. But for some reason this hasn't led to any weird mutations yet.
  9. Their populations are growing!
    So much so that they're moving north in warmer months to find new habitat! 👏👏👏