Super Cool Space Mail! 🚀🌙💫

Inspired by @marceline because she is the OG space nerd (I just applied to be one). It was so sweet of her to offer to do a parcel exchange after her sweet trip to Japan. CHECK THIS OUT, guys!
  1. Just a day after my package got to @marceline , I got hers!
    Space nerds unite. Isn't she cute? Check it her site. She's also super talented, as you will see below.
  2. The package was covered in the cutest stickers.
  3. They're her designs!
  4. Yay!
  5. And she even gift wrapped with her own design!
  6. Unfortunately for me, my son saw me open the package so he volunteered to help.
    Just kidding, it was actually really cute how excited he was.
  7. Temporary tattoos!
    Asking for Trouble designs!
  8. Pins!!
    I got a small bite of eat before they were snatched away by grubby hands. 😉🙄 They did start a conversation about Japan with my son though, which was cool.
  10. A Japanese space program pencil.
    This is so cool.
  11. Two model satellites!
    Again, from Japan! We just made one today.
  12. What a beauty.
    And these started a cool conversation about satellites with my son. I simplified it by using just GPS satellites as an example with him, since he loves maps and tracking his dad with Find My Friends. He asked me to repeat my explanation four times.
  13. Thank you so much, Marceline!
    That was really fun and exciting. 🚀❤️