Inspired by @shainadesai and many others
  1. My parents wanted a boy.
    The ultrasounds weren't so good back then.
  2. They named me Calvin when my mom was pregnant.
    I wish they'd kept that name even after discovering that I was a girl at birth!
  3. They chose the name Véronique because of a dog they used to dog sit.
    Its name was Vronnie. It was a bouvier.
  4. I grew up mostly in places that spoke French so my name was never a problem.
  5. But when I moved to the States it became difficult.
    People thought my name was Monique, Veronica or Melanie. I learned to respond to any of these.
  6. I used to be more adamant about using the accent on the first e of Véronique.
    I usually sign it Veronique now, unless I'm being formal. I've discovered that sometimes an accent is really annoying, like I once made a photo book online and discovered during the final review that they'd deleted the whole letter every time there was an accent. I had to go through it and manually change each é to an e.
  7. People still call me Veronica in emails, which baffles me.
    Like, dude, my email signature, my personal signature, even my email address contain my real name. How are you getting this wrong?
  8. My insurance once misspelled my name Vernioque and I had to sign in using that name online or it wouldn't recognize me.
  9. When I introduce myself to Americans. 85% of the time they say "Veronique? That's very unique!"
    Because it rhymes, see? Their responses are not unique.
  10. On that note, I was grateful in school that no one could figure out a way to make fun of my name.
    The closest they got was Véronique Téléphonique, which didn't stick.
  11. When I named my boys, I made sure that they had names that worked in all the languages we speak.
    But then of course they got nicknames that stuck so we never use them. 😜