Lol ok... You asked for it @bluepuddles! This is way TMI for most people and really will only be relatable to anyone who has potty trained a child.
  1. While I was lying down with the baby for his nap, my preschooler came to me whispering something inaudible.
    I was supposed to be resting when the baby rests but let's face it I was Listing.
  2. I asked him to repeat it many times because I couldn't understand a word.
    The poor guy's voice hasn't quite come back yet after the tonsillectomy.
  3. The baby woke up and I finally got to go see what he was so excited about.
  4. Seeing that he didn't have to whisper anymore, he exclaimed "WHY IS THE TOILET WATER BROWN?"
  5. WHY
  6. IS
  7. THE
  9. WATER
  10. BROWN
  11. We all know why it was brown.
  12. And I still had to go investigate.
  13. My proud little man had successfully used the toilet as intended.
    Always a plus.
  14. But for some reason he decided that his business required a toilet brush afterwards.
    Rather than flushing like a regular human being.
  15. And this is why I threw out the toilet brush today.
    I would have thrown away the toilet, too, had it not been bolted to the floor.
  16. I am an educated woman with multiple college degrees, people.