I don't consider myself a collector. Hoarder, maybe? I seem to like buying many of the following things...
  1. Blank note books.
    Obsessed. I use these for new film projects and I love the possibilities of the blank page.
  2. Pulitzer Prize winning books
    You can never go wrong.
  3. Christmas ornaments
    And other holiday decorations. Every year I get more. My husband is like 🙄
  4. Baby carriers
    Like the Baby Bjorn except not because I'm a little obsessed with Tulas. It's a freaking crunchy mama cult out there. These baby carriers are essentially modified backpacks that help you strap your baby onto your body and carry on hands free as baby sleeps or nurses. It changed my life. There is no reason to own more than one but now I own five. 🙊
  5. Cloth diapers
    I never knew what a hippy mom I would become until I had kids. Holy moly. Cloth diapers. The idea is that you can use the same 12-20 diapers the whole time your baby needs them until potty training, and then you can use the same ones for the next child (sorry, kiddo). But then you see how cute they are and find the styles you really like and it gets out of control.
  6. Cereal
    I guess you can't collect cereal... But early on in my relationship with my husband we talked about how our parents would only let us get one box of cereal at a time and we decided we would walk on the wild side and get as many kinds as we wanted and mix them up in the mornings. I know. We kray kray.
  7. Baking stuff
    Again with the crunchy mom stuff. My friend gave me her bread machine a year ago. I'm obsessed. Buttery rolls are my crowd pleaders but I also make a mean whole wheat cinnamon loaf. So I have huge bags of flour and containers of yeast everywhere. Again, my husband is like 🙄🙄 (I tend to make a mess in the kitchen 😏)
  8. Shower gels
    Cause you never know which scent you want to start your day.
  9. Music with strong female leads
    Metric, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Garbage, No Doubt... Gotta have my strong ladies.