Inspired by @MandyKN and of course Marie Kondo, who suggests you tidy up by handling everything you own and asking yourself whether it sparks joy. If it doesn't, thank it for the role it had in your life and toss it. You're then left only with things you love and that make you happy!
  1. So many old makeup brushes
    If these could save lives, I'd be ready for the apocalypse.
  2. A lost wrinkle cream I just bought a replacement for.
    I bought it yesterday. This made me scream "Dammit!!"
  3. A dead cockroach.
  4. A beer token.
    For the Thirsty Mermaid. I have no idea where that is.
  5. A birthday card.
    From my husband. I felt bad throwing it away but as per the rules it didn't bring me joy because he clearly wrote it the day after my birthday. Late cards don't bring me joy.
  6. So many black eye shadows.
    I must have a goth side.
  7. So many beauty samples.
    We get it, you like to shop at Sephora.
  8. A pin that reads "I Love Sephora".
    "No, I do not," I said out loud.
  9. A business card for a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.
    I remember many restaurants in KL but not this one.
  10. Many half empty tubes of sunscreen.
    Probably all expired.
  11. So many loose and dirty Q Tips.
    These will never be going in my ears.
  12. A necklace with a glass pendant encasing a dead scorpion.
    It was pretty girly actually. My son took it. Then once he got bored I threw it out.
  13. A moldy eye brow shaping set.
    Growing out these babies so I don't need this anymore.
  14. A live cockroach.
    Oh, Florida. 😫
  15. So many toothbrushes.
    Used. Was I saving them for art projects?
  16. So many denture cleaning tablets.
    This one baffled me until I remembered that a friend had recommended these for cleaning my retainer, which I lost years ago.
  17. So many make up bags.
    I use the same one to travel with every time. I don't need a drawer full.
  18. So much junk jewelry.
  19. So much expired medicine.
    No wonder sometimes it doesn't help.
  20. So many hotel shampoos.
    I'm never taking these home again.
  21. Two plumber's snakes.
    We got a new toilet so hopefully won't need these.
  22. Grand total of FIVE GARBAGE BAGS out the door.
    I can breathe again!
  23. Now to tackle the rest of the house...