Happening now.
  1. Can you not?
  2. You're really going to sit there and watch me load up my baby?
  3. And then load all of my groceries?
  4. In the rain?
  5. Could you at least help?
  6. My cart keeps rolling away...
  7. There's really no other spot?
  8. Hope you're enjoying the show...
  9. Yes, I'm going to walk to put away my cart.
  10. And walk back slowly.
  11. And then sit in my car...
  12. And write a list.
  13. 😛
  14. You're still here?
  15. Fine.
  16. Enjoy the best. Parking spot. Ever.
  17. Update: as I pulled out someone else swooped in and stole the spot! Much angry honking ensued. And I clapped!