1. My neighbor called during dinner last night.
    I let it go to voicemail.
  2. She told me that she had a gallon of whole milk that was about to expire and would I like to have it for my boys.
  3. I was slightly annoyed by the offer.
    My whole family is sick with strep throat right now and it's been hectic. Plus why would I want milk that expires tomorrow?
  4. It only dawned on me an hour later.
  5. Her husband died last week.
  6. This was his milk.
    She doesn't drink milk.
  7. This wasn't about the milk.
  8. It was about her grieving process.
  9. She couldn't throw the milk away.
  10. She had to give it away.
  11. And so I told her we would gladly take it.
  12. And I thanked her profusely for her generosity.
  13. Even though we don't drink milk.
    I'll bake with it and bring her some of the goodies.