I have a Google alert for manatees on since I produced a show about manatees. This funny @Cosmopolitan article popped up this morning.
  1. Every morning I get a summary of manatees in the news.
    Almost every day it's either full of articles about a baseball team called the Manatees or the recent proposal to change the Florida manatees' endangered status (very controversial).
  2. Today there was something... Different.
  3. @NatGeo photographer Paul Nicklen took to Instagram to describe his special encounter.
    "While I was photographing these amorous activities, a manatee grabbed me from behind, pulled me underwater, and would not let go," he writes in the caption."I was half gutting myself with laughter and half wondering when I might be set free to get a much needed breath of air. Never a full moment when in the company of these charismatic, intelligent, and highly social animals."
  4. Here's the link:
  5. Luckily my crew never suffered such advances.
    Or at least they never mentioned it...
  6. Side note: I've been flashed by a dolphin before.
    It was kind of funny but mostly disturbing to see this male waving his erect member at me out in the ocean...