I never say "y'all" (I'm European) but this week on the List has been bananas. Here's a list about my lists. (Metaaa!)
  1. First this list started trending.
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    I wrote a list about giving birth without meds and you guys liked it. Ask any mama about her brith story and I'll bet she wants to tell it, so thanks for letting me share. WHY NATURAL CHILDBIRTH IS NBD
  2. Then this list started trending.
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    (Here's a picture he saved to my phone). This was a requested list from @roostaroo, to ask about what it's like to be a marine biologist, so thanks! THE DAILY LIFE OF A MARINE BIOLOGIST (FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF A FORMER MARINE BIOLOGIST)
  3. And now this one is featured!
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    It's up there with a @PBS List and an @TheAVClub list! Nerd heaven! I wrote this list mainly so I could remember what my little guy said to me that morning. MY SON'S FIRST CHRISTMAS WISH LIST
  4. Thanks for the thrill and I'm just happy to be here.
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    (Gratuitous baby holding Starbucks red cup shot.)