Why have I seen fit to keep these?
  1. A picture that proves, above all others, how British I am. I did not park in this space BECAUSE THERE WAS A CONE IN IT.
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  2. A sheep in a leotard.
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  3. Me. Drunk. On my hen party. Overly affectionate when I found my friend's parents in a wine bar.
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  4. Special K drinking tap water from a champagne bottle after someone's wedding.
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  5. K being pestered by Percy the puppy. Cute. ...but one of a series of seven.
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  6. Me and C-dog. In the dark. Showing ALL our teeth.
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  7. Myles and Danny cleaning up after a bbq sauce throwing episode went explosively wrong.
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  8. A quote I obviously thought was interesting at the time.
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  9. A picture showing my muddy hair after a 10k obstacle run.
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  10. Half of my mum.
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