People that cook at home tend to consume less calories from fat and sugars then people who eat out. Eating out is very social along with takeout and fast food but preparing food together in the kitchen and knowing what you're eating is the way to go most of the time...
  1. Save money - packaged in prepared meals can cost more money than cooking with raw ingredients at home. You can cook in bulk and either freeze your meals or take them to work for lunches.
  2. Less salt and trans fats - restaurant chefs may use higher levels of salt and fat to make their food taste better. Preparing meals at home you can control the amount of bad ingredients you using your recipes versus the possibility of weight gain and clogged arteries by eating out all the time..
  3. Balanced meals- Take time to plan out your weekly menu. It helps you save time and money and creates a well-balanced meal with proteins carbohydrates and healthy fats plus essential vitamins and minerals needed for our bodies & our children - eating balanced meals your body feel satisfied and has fewer cravings and can prevent late night snacking.
  4. Avoid food poisoning- Eating out you run the risk of inexperienced foodhandlers with improper cooking or cross contamination of foods. The CDC says that over 76 million people are poison by food each year just in the United States. This is caused by food borne pathogen's like bacteria, viruses and parasites that can seriously harm you !
  5. Better energy – Food can be healing medicine or you can deplete our energy overtime and cause sickness and pain. You are what you eat is a great saying to depict that!
  6. Weight control – portions served in restaurants have increased from 2 to 5 times larger plates & servings. Larger portions equal people eating more but cooking at home allows you to control the serving sizes and prevent over eating. Buy locally and in season the best quality food and organic when possible. Healthy choices can prevent weightgain .
  7. Bring family together – preparing meals at home and including family members or friends in the meal preparation is a way to give and share love. When food is prepared with COM minded loving thoughts it can become a tonic for the body and the soul. Teaching your children how to cook is the gift of health for their entire lives
  8. Cleanliness – buying your own food and washing your own vegetables ensures you that NO toxins, bugs or pesticides are on your food.
  9. Quality control – buying your own food in shores that it truly is organic and antibiotic free food for your health and for your family's health.