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  1. Sipping a Mojito on a Caribbean beach
  2. Hiking a cliffside trail in a misty jungle
  3. Crouched under a tree on a crisp, early morning calling turkeys
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My hobby to free time ratio may be a bit off...
  1. Poison Dart Frogs
  2. Violin
  3. Cooking
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  1. Realizing they got my drive-through order wrong after driving all the way home
  2. Elderly drivers
  3. Discovering after the initial relief that there is no toilet paper
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  1. Charcuterie
  2. Ice Octopus
  3. Hold onto your butts
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Best of hangouts for a little rest and relaxation
  1. Best Arcade: Nickelmania
  2. Best Dive: Delton Sports Center
  3. Best Asian Market: Ocean Mart
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Best of restaurants. Limited only by places traveled.
  1. Best Waffles: Bruxie
  2. Best Brats: Brats Brothers
  3. Best Sushi: Sushi Ichiban Kan
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Best restaurants in Utah categorically. If you think your fav restaurant is better, shout it out!
  1. Best Mexican: Red Iguana
  2. Best Churrascaria: Texas de Brazil
  3. Best Seafood: Bucket O' Crawfish
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Favorite artisan goods. Mostly from SLC, UT
  1. Best Microbrew: Plum Witbier by Wasatch Brewery
  2. Best Chapstick: Hop Rising Double IPA by Squatter's Brewery
  3. Best Cookie: "Vivianna" mango chocolate chip cookie by Ruby Snap
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