1. Realizing they got my drive-through order wrong after driving all the way home
  2. Elderly drivers
  3. Discovering after the initial relief that there is no toilet paper
  4. When my Starburst package has NO pink ones
  5. Credit card convenience fees
  6. Craving leftovers all day only to come home and find out someone ate them
  7. Produce that goes bad long before its expiration date
  8. Keys breaking in the lock
  9. Products and TV shows getting discontinued or cancelled after becoming hooked on them
  10. Ice on my windshield at 5am
  11. Getting stuck in shopping cart traffic jams
  12. Businesses and institutions that refuse to use any contact method other than snail mail
  13. Netflix taking a show down half way through finishing it
  14. Large trucks that park in five different spots simultaneously
  15. Realizing the toothbrush I'm using isn't mine
  16. Overly helpful retail workers