11 Amazing Pie Charts, in Honor of Pi Day

Today is Pi Day, the date that aligns with the first three digits of π, 3.14. Hurray! How best to celebrate Pi Day? With some pie charts, of course. http://bit.ly/1V7dCXx
  1. This is a delicious classic: a pie chart made out of pie
  2. And then there is the more informative pie chart about pie. So helpful!
    If there were a prize for "most informative pie chart about pies," Modern Farmer would win in a landslide. (Modern Farmer)
  3. And don't forget that all sorts of pies — even pizza pies — are fantastic for the pie chart genre
    This is one of many charts from Businessweek's excellent piece on the surprisingly powerful pizza lobby, showing how each major pizza chain donates to political parties. (Bloomberg Businessweek)
  4. Some pie charts are great for reliving beloved childhood memories
    (The Oatmeal)
  5. This one too
    (Boing Boing)
  6. Why do we even bother with music really when pie charts can convey information so much better?
    (Blog CDN)
  7. Wouldn't it be more exciting to get pie-chart-rolled than Rick-rolled?
    (Mental Floss)
  8. This is the most honest pie chart of them all
  9. And this, arguably, is the most dishonest
  10. Then there is this pi chart, which honestly just turns the concept of a pie chart on its head
    (KPloy on Threadless)
  11. Yes, that was overwhelming. Let's regroup with a more typical pie chart.
  12. All right. Happy Pi Day! Celebrate in the best way most of us know how: spending most of the day forgetting that it's even Pi Day at all.