Board games have had one hell of a resurgence in recent years. More specifically, "Euro games" — the term gamers use for German-style board games that emphasize strategy over chance and generally revolve around managing scarce resources — have become increasingly mainstream. This list is ranked by level of difficulty for newbies. Game on.
  1. Best game for pretending to be Cornelius Vanderbilt: Ticket to Ride
  2. Best legume-themed game: Bohnanza
  3. Best game with a morally repugnant premise: San Juan
  4. Best combination of simple gameplay and over-the-top premise: Lost Cities
  5. Best card game: Dominion
  6. Best game if you need to get people to play with you: Catan
  7. Best mashup of Dungeons & Dragons and Risk: Small World
  8. Best game for aspiring German bureaucrats: Power Grid
  9. Best game for aspiring German postmasters generals: Thurn and Taxis
  10. Best game for people who miss Harvest Moon: Agricola
  11. Best game for battling Shoggoths: Mansions of Madness