33,636 Americans died of injuries caused by guns in 2013. Here's what we know about what's behind that problem, and about the effects of guns on society more broadly.
  1. There's roughly one gun for every person in America
  2. Gun crime is more prevalent in the US than in other rich countries
  3. Gun homicides (like all homicides) are declining
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  4. Places with more guns have more homicides
  5. There are more gun suicides than gun homicides in America
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  6. Suicide is more common in places with more guns
  7. Living in a house with a gun increases your odds of death
  8. Guns contribute to domestic violence
  9. Mass shootings aren't getting more common — and are a tiny share of all shootings
  10. A tiny fraction of gun violence is committed by the mentally ill
  11. Gun control is popular but getting less so