Sleep deprivation has been linked to all sorts of negative outcomes, from cognitive problems to heart disease. At a 2014 meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, researchers shared some of the stranger effects of not sleeping that they'd found. These results are preliminary but striking. More facts about sleep:
  1. Sleepiness made men rate photos of "the least attractive models" as more attractive.
  2. People with less sleep were able to tolerate significantly less pain.
  3. Subjects with less sleep showed less empathy when viewing photos of hands stung by needles.
  4. Going without sleep made people less concerned about losing money during gambling.
  5. Sleepier people were more likely to feel separated from their own body and thoughts.
  6. Sleepy people were worse at recognizing other people's emotions.
  7. People who were sleep-deprived very often thought they were doing fine on a classic reaction-time test, even when they were doing worse.