Holding on to transition objects is more common than you think. Full story: http://bit.ly/1LJ2Kut
  1. A Travelodge poll of 6,000 British adults found that 35 percent of their adult guests tucked themselves in with a stuffed animal every night.
  2. Developmental behavioral pediatrician Dr. Barbara Howard told the New York Times that about 25 percent of young women heading to college reported having some sort of personal keepsake.
  3. Developmental psychologists refer to them as attachment or transition objects, Margaret S. Clark, a professor of psychology at Yale University, explained, because they can provide comfort and reassurance to children transitioning from greater to lesser dependence on primary caretakers.
    Clark says the behavior of having an attachment object is healthy and that most psychologists wouldn't advise taking objects away from young children. It doesn't seem to be an issue in adulthood, either.
  4. Voxxer Lauren Katz is 24 years old and still sleeps with her childhood blanket, lovingly named "Boppy." What treasured item from childhood do you still keep around? Share your story with us below.
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