Really? Diet soda is terrible for you? Everyone ever hadn't told me that.
  1. Diet Dr. Pepper
    Barely not as good as actual Dr. Pepper, which is the best thing a person can drink.
  2. Coke Zero
    Whatever the new deadly zero-calorie sweetener is, it is amazingly delicious.
  3. Cherry Coke Zero
    The calorie-free agent of death that's supposed to taste like cherry syrup does.
  4. Diet Root Beer (any brand)
  5. Diet Dr. Brown's (any flavor)
    Cream soda, black cherry, whatever. It's all good. And it can't be bad for you. Dr. Brown is a doctor. "First, do no harm..."
  6. Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale
    Can't vouch for Schweppes.
  7. Diet 7-Up/Diet Sprite
    But what's the point really? No flavor AND no caffeine? Pass.
  8. Diet Pepsi
    Pretty rank, but there is some similarity in terms of sweetness between the diet version and the original , which is not the cola of choice in the first place.
  9. Diet Coke
    Actual Coke is a delicacy. Diet Coke is a shanda. Do a taste test. Any drink vs. Diet Coke. Any drink wins every time. Yogurt soda is better.