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    Donald Trump The Racist Demagogue Abuses Trademark Laws To Silence Cambridge Critics He has “the best words.” He has “a very good brain.” And now Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has a Muzzle Award for abusing federal trademark law in order to silence a small Cambridge-based business run by two Latino immigrants.
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    Carlos Velategui Carlos is a commissioner in Kings County, Wash. On May 25 he approved a temporary restraining order sought by three companies forcing the removal of public documents that had been obtained by a local activist as the result of a public-records request, a clearly unconstitutional exercise.
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    Maine Legislative Council Leadership Literally Silences Committee Hearings By Suspending Recordings Openness in government is a never-ending battle—and sometimes battles won are later lost. Such is the case with the Maine legislature, which will suspend audio and video recordings of committee hearings after this November’s elections.
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    Nashoba Valley Technical High School Committee Elected Officials Express ‘Disappointment’ In Reporter For Tweeting The News
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    The Alton, NH, Board of Selectmen Local Gadfly Settles Civil-Rights Case After Being Arrested For Speaking Out Free speech isn’t always free. Sometimes, though, it can be cheaper than denying someone else’s free-speech rights.
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    Rachel Healey A novel twist on the First Amendment. In March, the office of Rhode Island attorney general Peter Kilmartin ruled that a report on the handling of a sexual-abuse case in Warwick was a public document—and one of the officials criticized in the report threatened to sue two local newspapers for defamation if they published that document.
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    Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins Sheriff Flashes Badge At Store Owners As He Seeks Removal Of Opponent’s Posters
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    The MBTA Agency Accused Of Failing To Curb Officers Who Violate The Public’s Rights
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    The Cities Of Worcester, Lowell And Portland Unconstitutional Anti-Panhandling Rules Overturned By Federal Courts It’s sometimes said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over in the expectation that, this time, you’re going to get a different result.
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    The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration For four years, Philip Eil, a freelance journalist based in Rhode Island, has been fighting to obtain public records from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration stemming from the conviction of an Oxycodone dealer serving four life sentences.
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