1. Boomerang
    If Instagram has a new app, you should probably download it. Everyone’s favorite photo-sharing platform now has its own GIF-creation feature with Boomerang… or, at least, sort of. Like Facebook’s new moving profile photos, Boomerang takes short burst videos and replays them in a loop. Which, essentially, for all intents and purposes, is a GIF (OK, OK, fine—it creates a GIF-like effect).
  2. SelfieX
    Selfies can be obnoxious. But the lower quality of the front-facing camera isn’t doing them any favors. The lighting is poor, the photos are grainy—it’s not a good look. SelfieX puts the selfie camera back where it belongs, with the primary camera on the back of the phone. It gives you vocal directions to make sure you’re in the frame, and once you get the position right, the app will automatically take a picture without you having to locate the shutter and stay in the frame at the same time.
  3. Offline Time
    There are quite a few web apps that keep you from accessing distractions like Facebook, Twitter, or the greatest time-suck of all, email. Offline Time is another one competing for your attention (and attentions needs). It’s a Mac download that lets the application sit on your menu bar, where you can toggle how long you want to avoid the fun parts of the Internet. Are you strong enough?
  4. InstaSnoop
    Please approach this app with self-restraint and caution. If you have ever gone down a seriously dark hole and ended up scrolling through a enemy’s/ex’s/object of your affection’s Instagram and accidentally double-tapped a years-old photo, then you might want to try InstaSnoop. It lets you gratuitously browse someone’s account without leaving evidence of your momentary obsession. Also, maybe hide your phone from yourself if you use this app too often.