1. LiveGif
    How this didn't already exist, we can’t be sure, but here we are: LiveGifs takes your fancy new Live Photos (courtesy of your fancy new iPhone 6 or 6s) and turns them into GIFs. While you may have thought your short, quickly looping videos already were GIFs, you were wrong—but now they can be, making them easier to share with messaging services.
  2. TapTag
    Think of TapTag like geocaching without the promise of physical goods. This app lets you leave photos “tied” to a location, so when someone else using the app happens upon that same place, they’ll find the visual memento you left for them.
  3. IceCream
    Many of our phones are just receptacles for way, way too many photos. Each time an OS upgrade comes through, we’re stuck with the unenviable task of getting rid of at least some of them. IceCream can help you with that process by showing you what’s taking up space, as well as what’s already been saved to the cloud, or allowing you to use its own service to do so.
  4. SwiftKey Neural Alpha
    Autocorrect deserves a cruel death (no one in the world ever wanted to type “ducking”), and SwiftKey might be able to deliver it. The third-party keyboard app is moving behind just its personal keyboard service with its new neural network keyboard, which uses artificial intelligence to better predict what it is you’re trying to say. This one is only available for Android… because iOS still thinks you don’t give a duck.