Today, iOS 9.1 is available and with it comes a long list of bug fixes that the intermediate updates attempted to solve. (But if you’re like us, you probably didn’t make it past the second bullet point.) Here’s how to get the emoji that the update promises:
  1. Upgrade to iOS 9.1, Method A:
    Install iOS 9.1 on your iPhone by going into Settings > General > Software Update, then choosing download and install.
  2. Upgrade to iOS 9.1, Method B:
    Connect your device to your computer and update to iOS 9.1 via iTunes.
  3. Agree to Apple’s Terms of Service.
    When you do, your download will begin.
  4. Let your phone finish installing and restart.
    Then you can...
  5. Send those shiny new emoji!
    iOS 9.1 brings with it over 150 new emoji. Among the ranks are the burrito emoji, middle finger emoji, and unicorn emoji. Just keep in mind that the people you send them to won’t be able to view them unless they also have the iOS update.