Microsoft’s Surface Book is the most exciting Windows laptop in years. Actually, aside from a few hot-rod gaming rigs, it may be the only exciting Windows laptop in years. That’s great news for people who’ve longed to long for a PC again. And it could be a nightmare for every other PC manufacturer.
  1. Surface Tension With Partners
    While Microsoft obviously risks alienating its partners, it’s doing so with a much bigger fight in mind. “Right now Microsoft really believes that it has to have a combined hardware, software, and services play to go up against the likes of Apple,” says Patrick Moorhead, president and founder of Moor Insights & Strategy.
  2. PC Makers Have Nowhere to Runtime
    PC makers have nowhere else to go, at least as far as laptops are concerned. Now that Microsoft has a full head of Surface steam, those with less diverse interests may not even be around much longer.
  3. A Rising Book Lifts All PCs
    The Surface Book will affect Microsoft’s relationship with its hardware partners, sure. It may even push a few of them out of the PC business altogether. But the ones that stay have a new standard to aspire to. If they rise to it, we all win. If they don’t, well, preorders start today.