Pete Souza (Instagram: @petesouza) has what you might call a dream job. As Chief Official White House photographer, he travels the world with the President of the United States. Of the more than 200 Instagram accounts he follows, here are the five individual accounts that he especially looks forward to seeing in his feed.
  1. Brad Mangin | @bmangin
    "Brad is a baseball photographer in San Francisco and posts only (masterful) iPhone photos on his account. He was instrumental in convincing me to open an Instagram account of my White House work."
  2. David Guttenfelder | @dguttenfelder
    “David is a freelance photographer whom I’ve never met. He is just a superb photographer who really knows how to make great, great photographs with his iPhone. I love his recent coverage of Yellowstone National Park." (See also: National Geographic Creative | @natgeocreative)
  3. Brandi Carlile | @brandicarlile
    "Brandi is a singer-songwriter from Seattle who happens to front one of the most underrated bands working today. (She and the band played a set at my wedding two years ago.) She posts a lot of great concert photos as well as behind-the-scene photos of her traveling crew. Shout-out to Hanna Hanseroth for taking most of these photos."
  4. Landon Nordeman | @landonnordeman
    "I’ve only met Landon a couple of times but he has developed a unique style of fashion photography that is always full of surprises." (for The Cut/New York Magazine)
  5. Paul Nicklen | @paulnicklen
    "Let’s face it, Paul (whom I’ve never met) might be the best photographer on Instagram. Although most of his nature and wildlife photographs are probably with a DSLR, I am always struck not just by the photographs themselves but knowing how difficult the circumstances must have been in capturing them." (See also: National Geographic Creative | @natgeocreative)