WNYC's Andrea Bernstein sat down with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The two talk minimum wage, work and family. Listen at: http://wny.cc/4mRoZO
  1. On same-sex marriage
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    "My daughter was one of the leaders in the marriage equality effort here in New York. She signed on, she was active, she made speeches, she was used in advertisements, so of course, her absolute commitment to that some years back now is something that made a big impression on me."
  2. On unifying the country
    "In order to produce results for people, we've got to re-knit the human connections among people, and I think that means for someone like me running, I can't just talk to people who agree with me. I've got to reach out to people who don't, who never believe they will, and maybe won't. But I want them to know I'll be their president, too. That I'm going to try to unify the country."
  3. On the Affordable Health Care Act
    " I am going to continue to defend the Affordable Care Act, but I have to agree with people who say, wait a minute, there are problems with it. Yes, there are, and that's why we need to build on it as a firm foundation, but take it further, fix the problems, and lower the cost. And I think that is doable over the next years."
  4. On campaigning
    "You seem kind of happier this campaign than you did in 2008... do you feel more comfortable with the political discussions that are taking place? Are you just more seasoned?" - AB "I think it's probably both... I'm confident, I'm optimistic, I don't take anything for granted, I work hard. But there is a sense of real mission in our campaign. I believe strongly that a Democrat has to succeed Barack Obama, I feel I am the best Democrat to do that, to build on the progress that we've made." - HC
  5. On a $15 minimum wage
    "I'm a progressive who likes to get things done, and we’re having this vigorous back and forth, Sen. Sanders and myself, over raising the minimum wage when the Republicans don't even want to acknowledge that $7.25 is wholly inadequate. That's a good debate to have. And if we do our politics right, like working with the Fight for $15 movement here in New York and the unions that support it, who have endorsed me, we can build a political coalition that will raise the minimum wage in Washington."