Happy #NationalDogDay!

Some of the beloved four-legged friends from the WNYC family 🐾🐶
  1. Thatch wants a treat🐾
  2. Sophie loves to play in the sand🐾
  3. Brisket & Trisket are two peas in a pod 🐾
  4. Remy defines "puppy dog eyes." 🐾
  5. Delia & Clint are the best of friends 🐾
  6. Miso gets so excited for walks 🐾
  7. Honey squints when she wants your attention🐾
  8. Delilah knows she is photogenic🐾
  9. Fitz waits to see if you want to cuddle on the couch 🐾
  10. Olive only listens to WNYC 🐾
  11. From the Archives Dept: Rolf, the mandolin-playing dog! 🐾
  12. Bailie is just so sleepy 🐾
  13. Nokie likes to nap with his favorite radio station 🐾
  14. Albie is a pensive city dog 🐾
  15. Lilly loves to be pet 🐾
  16. Smokey is ready to nail that job interview 🐾
  17. Daisy is cute and she knows it 🐾
  18. Seamus takes a nap in his doggie bed 🐾
  19. Luna is always waiting for more food🐾
  20. Leo likes to be lazy🐾
  21. Chewy enjoys a cold one on the East River (jk- it's just peanut butter on the rim!) 🐾
  22. Charles & Snowy love to play outside 🐾
  23. Coco relaxes in the shade on a hot NYC summer day 🐾
  24. Throwback: Takeaway guest host, Todd Zwillich, with his majestic husky! 🐾
  25. Truman is king of the dog park 🐾