Neat Stuff at Our Desks

Our desks at WNYC are like our second homes. So we brought tchotchkes.
  1. Sean Rameswaram, Studio 360 / Sideshow
    "A few Christmases ago, my brother and his lady got me a black hat that says FRIDAY in a fun rainbow color scheme. There was no real reason or backstory to the gift, but I am sort of into hats. I figured I’d place my FRIDAY hat on my desk as a reminder of what I was working toward: the weekend. Pretty soon, it became obvious that I should wear it every Friday. And I do. People often ask, 'Hey, do you have one of those for everyday of the week, buddy?' The answer, of course, is no."
  2. Amy Pearl, Digital Content
    "I found this shotgun shell on 6th Ave by the Holland Tunnel. It was in the schmutz at the side of the road and caught my eye when I was fixing a flat on my bike. Every once in a while, out walking with my dog in the woods, I will find a shotgun shell. It is hard to resist picking up ammunition. But why was there a shell on 6th Ave? Had someone fired a shotgun from their car before speeding under the river to NJ?"
  3. Ronaldo Zuñiga, IT
    Eventually, Rolando will build a throne of Funko Pop! figures – Game of Thrones style.
  4. Jenn Hsu, Digital Content
    "You know when you have a breakup and the dude leaves something behind? This monster was left in my apartment. I didn’t know what to do with it but for some reason I’ve felt loyal to him and now he’s become a good friend."
  5. Paula Szuchman, Digital Content
    Paula has her daughters' toys at her desk. Sometimes she brings her daughters' lunches. Sometimes she brings her daughters.
  6. Jenny Lawton, Studio 360
    Jenny has a 3D printed bust of Walt Disney! "It's like a trophy from our 'American Icons' story on the Disney Parks!"
  7. Jesse Brenneman, On the Media
    Yes, this is an action figure of Rebel pilot Jek Tono Porkins. And what kind of self-respecting Star Wars fan would Jesse be if he didn't have it on his work desk?!
  8. Dan Pashman, The Sporkful
    "I keep hot sauce, sriracha, olive oil and salt on my desk so I can improve foods when needed. The chili beer was a gift. I'm waiting for the right moment to break out the ouzo and rose sodas. The record is from Notorious MSG. You don't know them?"
  9. Caitlin Thompson, Digital Content
    Caitlin doesn't use this slingshot a lot. But that's because the interns have been well-behaved.