After the Academy nominated exclusively white actors and actresses for the second year in a row, #OscarsSoWhite was resuscitated to again discuss filmmaking's lack of diversity. Here are several key quotes and from our recent dialogue about diversity.
  1. "There's no way I could've known this would become a worldwide phenomenon." - April Reign, the creator of #OscarsSoWhite
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    "This really speaks to the power of social media...thousands of voices are rallying around the lack of inclusion in film and we've seen mostly positive results."
  2. "The Academy is so secretive about their numbers, the next best thing was a New York Times analysis. Of roughly 6,2000 members worldwide, 91% are white and 8.5% are non-white; 76% are men and 24% are women." - WNYC's Jami Floyd
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    "The people in the suites seem to have accepted this truth. Luckily, we have things that are shattering this myth...Star Wars, Transparent, Orange is the New Black." - Adam Moore, the national director of Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity at SAG-AFTRA
  3. "Whether I'm pitching a TV show or pitching to HBO or to a studio, every collaborator I've ever worked with seems to be not Latino. That's a problem, because if you're pitching something that is very culturally specific you need to know that the person you're talking to understands why the story is important." - José Rivera, acclaimed playwright
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    "I came from a generation where the only images of Latino life was West Side Story...that breaks your heart, and really makes you believe things you shouldn't have to believe about yourself. I didn't think a Puerto Rican could be a, the question I get to ask myself is, 'Who gets to be the hero? Who gets to change the world in a positive way?'"
  4. "A lot of people honestly said 'I'm not doing this event...I may feel this is an important issue, but it's dangerous for my career.'" - Jami Floyd
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    "It's a business of relationships, of words that can be's a lot like high school, that's what I tell people: the same bullies. There is a real fear that speaking out against anything controversial in Hollywood will cause severe career backlash," responded José Rivera. "I'm not immune from this, but at this point in my life, I don't care...if artists themselves don't speak out, that's a problem."
  5. I'm not using the term 'boycott' because I think that's a flashpoint and it shuts down the conversation." - April Reign
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    "What I'm saying is that if you are concerned about the lack of representation of marginalized communities in film then do not reward the academy with your viewership."
  6. "Hopefully, we're at a tipping point in this moment where technology and people pissed off enough will start to see much more accelerated change." Adam Moore
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    "People have been fighting on these issues for decades. The advent of social media has made it easy to have an entryway to discuss this issue, and amplify what's already there." - April Reign