Our Favorite Bodega Cats

There are no cats quite like New York City bodega cats. bit.ly/1wETjmP
  1. Victoria from Park Slope
    Every morning, Victoria waits for her boss to open the gate so she can start her day.
  2. Carmel of Ridgewood, Queens
    At a mere 8 weeks, Carmel is a fixture of a Polish deli, where dodging kielbasa and pouncing on pickles is all in a day's work.
  3. Oliver from the Upper West Side
    Oliver's originally from the streets of Yonkers.
  4. Tiger from Sunset Park, Brooklyn
    Tiger understands English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. At least that he told us.
  5. Gus, the King of Corona, Queens
    Life is an adventure when you're only six inches tall.