Pop Culture Moments of 2016 Candidates

This cycle's candidates differ from one another other in every way possible, from policy to pop culture.
  1. Bernie Sanders - My X-Girlfriend's Wedding Reception
    Bernie cameos as a Brooklynite rabbi in this 1999 independent film. The way he preaches about the Dodgers is practically indistinguishable from the way he preaches about income inequality: "The worst thing that ever happened! The Dodgers went to Los Angeles. Nowadays there is no pride. You don't know who owns what team. Terrible. Terrible!"
  2. Donald Trump - Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
    Sweet, innocent Kevin McCallister, unaware of New York real estate, asks this famous passerby for directions. Simpler times.
  3. Hillary Clinton - Broad City
    Abbi and Ilana unexpectedly run into their "queen" at her campaign headquarters in this recent 2016 episode. Emotional instability and fangirling ensue.
  4. Ted Cruz - Duck Dynasty
    An official video ad from Cruz's campaign depicts the candidate duck hunting with none other than Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robinson, who goes on to endorses him. Robinson says the qualities he's looking for in a future president include leadership and the ability to hunt and cook a duck.
  5. John Kasich - Fargo
    The Ohio governor hated a "gory" woodchopper scene in this movie so much that he called Blockbuster, where he had gotten his hands on the film, and demanded they take the movie off their shelves. He was so affected by this moment that he included it in his 2006 book, "Stand for Something: The Battle for America's Soul."