From John Chao, biz dev guy: Food I bring to the WNYC office to get people to want to talk to me. It seems to be working.
  1. Sesame balls from Golden Fung Wong Bakery on Mott Street in Chinatown. The biggest I've ever seen.
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  2. Pretzel Croissants from City Bakery and a bunch of chocolate chip cookies that became the instigator of a Lord of the Flies reenactment
  3. Two dozen Cantonese egg tarts from Bread Talk (the best!) which disappeared in 5 minutes. Followed by hours of self recrimination about carbs.
  4. A box full of fresh baked BBQ pork buns from Mei Li Wah on Bayard. 90% saturated fat, 150% amazebuns
  5. Black and white cookies and mini schenkens (like a little cinnamon roll) from William Greenberg bakery on the Upper East side. All fancy like and confusing.
  6. Two dozen fresh mochi from a tiny no name bakery on Broome. Three for like two bucks! Look on people who thought they were Chinese snoballs: priceless. Or at least more than two bucks.
  7. Assorted meringues from the best Pasticceria Rocco on Bleecker. Like a rainbow in a box, wrapped in an enigma.
  8. Miniature sponge cakes from Kam Hing Bakery - like little angel food cakes made by diminutive, lovely Cantonese bakery geniuses.
  9. Babka chocolate and cinnamon, from Bread Bakery in Union Square. The mic drop of babkas.