Smartphone Home Screens That Will Bring You Inner Peace

Today, we are going to arrange our homescreens into a joyful, tidy, information overload crushing bulldozer as part of our Infomagical project. Reconsider what apps don't bring you joy, and take advantage of your phone's folder capability. Full rules at:
  1. The worst part is all the apps that I can't delete that I never wanted in the first place. - Sarah
  2. Feeling a small shift in thinking already. Love the thought that apps are tools to call on when needed, not things to browse and select when bored or distracted. Between this and all the single-tasking I'm doing...well there's no stopping me now! - Amy
  3. I never thought to simply use the search most of the time to find an app. Love it! My home screen contains my creativity folders.
  4. Peace! (Plus, I think I'm done with FB and I feel a sense of relief). - Ruth
  5. Turning off the red numbers is great! I cheated and kept them on for messages - but it's a good step. - Shuba
  6. I don't have many apps, but this still made me supremely happy. Now if I could learn how to uni-task... - Monica