We honestly don't know if these things exist. But there's so much of stuff in archives, we wouldn't be surprised.
  1. Brian Lehrer's fire mixtape.
  2. Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia reading New York City a bedtime story.
  3. The only known copy of “BL in BK” - Brian Lehrer’s legendary underground hip-hop concert.
  4. A supercut of every on-air sneeze in WNYC history.
  5. The unveiling of a new dog breed, the Radiolabrador Retriever.
  6. A special #FoodFridays in which Leonard Lopate challenges Takeru Kobayashi to a hot dog eating contest.
  7. "WNY State of Mind" – Brian Lehrer's hit single, in collaboration with Jay-Z
  8. The manuscripts of WNYC's founder, Rudolph Benjamin DoubleYouEnWhySee.